Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luton Park Update

May 9th will be our next trail day at Luton Park, we plan to remove all of the items in the dump pile on the yellow loop. Padnos has already agreed to provide a dumpster for scrap metal and we plan to have a dumpster for trash as well. The problem will be that we need plenty of "runners" to go back and forth the 1/2 mile from dump to barn. If you have a pick up truck, quad, skid loader, trailer, etc. let me know so we can coordinate the haulers for the day. Then we need plenty of people to pick up the scrap and trash. Most of these items are tires and 5 gallon metal buckets. Please bring leather gloves and heavy work boots for protection! Do you have little ones that would like to help? This is the perfect chance, tons of tin cans and unbroken glass bottles to pick up too. Again bring gloves. We could also use flat blade shovels, leaf blowers, rakes, plastic trash cans. Spread the word on this one, lets make Luton Park a better place for all to see.

Update: Forest Hills Foods deli department has donated box lunches for the event, thanks Jeff!
Padnos Iron and Metal has so graciously donated a scrap metal dumpster and Allied Waste will provide the trash dumpster, thank you Doug, Lee and Jan!

We had a total of 20 people on April 26th and the rain held off until we got the Yellow Loop completely fine tuned. Due to the heavy rain last night, the very first section has a 20 foot area underwater, this is easy to avoid by simply riding the old original hiking trail near by. A total of 80 man hours were put into the trail work today! The new bench cuts will not only improve the flow of the ride but also lessen the erosion that storm water causes by running down the trail. Good work everyone! A special thank you to the Bissell cycling team for providing the lunch today.