Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luton Park Update...Spring 2010

Many of you may not know but a parking lot was created in late December on Keis St. just west of the Luton Barn. The barn has been fenced off and parking for all user groups can take place at this new lot. It is a temporary lot in agreement with the Kent Co Road Commission. A larger and permanent lot will still be built at the Ten Mile entrance when funding becomes available. On some summer evenings the lot may not prove to be large enough for all the cyclists. Please don't park on the shoulder of the roadway, the sheriff can ticket you for this. Simply revert to old habits and park at the D&W Plaza instead.
When the soil conditions dry out a bit more and riding starts taking place out there please ride east from the parking lot toward the barn and join the trail at this point. This will be signed and potentially mowed in and visible soon but I am sure riders will beat the county to the punch on this one. Help "ride in" the connector by using the same path/course each time.
The county is going to add a causeway or raised tread in the two wetland areas of the Blue Loop. They had hoped to complete it this winter if we had little to no snow for a period. That never happened and if they drive back in there now we will really have a mess. They are considering waiting til August so please be patient. We will be involved in top dressing it, shaping and compacting it when the dirt is in place. There is about 500 feet on the east end and 500 feet on the west end that need this work. The wooden board walk ideas have fizzled due to the amount of hiking traffic the Blue Loop gets.
They also were approached by the scouts again. The scouts would like to do some volunteer construction out there and have agreed to place some post markers like the ones used at Siedman and Pickerel. 8x8's with arrows and loop colors on the top of the post. Our plastic arrows on trees would be removed. Not sure when this will take place.Thats it for now. Please resist the temptation to ride for a few more weeks. Go to Yankee or Fort Custer, I hear they are ready to go!