Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chapter Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2009

Western Michigan Mountain Biking Association
Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2009

Location: Mangiamo’s Restaurant – Grand Rapids, Mi

Board Members Present: Rick Plite, Dave Staublin, Jason Schwab

Members Present: Chris Curtis, Scott Thenikl, Jenn Bechtel, Jason Bechtel, Sean Evans, Chris Johnson, Silteldon Lambert, Karl Siebert, Doug Klynstra, Joshua Duggan, Dennis Murphy, Steve Kunnath, Sue Kunnath, Heather Kubiak, Carol Griffin, Ron Johnston, Brendon Bayley

Start Time: 6:45pm

0.0 Meeting Called to Order
1.0 Previous meeting review with Updates
1.1 Film Festival – Feb 13th
1.2 State Games – June 25th – 27th
1.3 Dennis Murphy is now CPS Coordinator
1.4 Motion to approve the minutes by Rick Plite, seconded by Dave Staublin
2.0 Announce new board members
2.1 Vice President – Martin Hall
2.2 Treasurer – Dave Staublin
2.3 Secretary – Jason Schwab
3.0 Turkey Burner @ Yankee Springs
3.1 Becoming an annual event & good turnout
4.0 Holiday Ride
4.1 December 13th, 2009, 1pm @ Founders. Ride will go to many downtown bars and end at Founders @3pm
5.0 Priority Health Underwear Party
5.1 December 16th, 2009, 7pm @ McFaddens. Bring a pack of men’s underwear to donate to those less fortunate
6.0 Trail Coordinator Updates
6.1 Luton
6.1.1 In October the log pile on the Black Loop was Finished
6.1.2 Reroute on the blue loop because of mud / water issues
6.1.3 DO NOT Park at the barn. Please park @ D&W.
7.0 State Games
7.1 June 26th @ Cannonsburg
7.2 Mountain Biking will consist of probably Cross Country and Downhill events.
7.3 Contact Dave Staublin for more details

8.0 Grand Rapids Biking Coalition
8.1 Grand Rapids was awarded a bronze level status for bicycle friendly community.
9.0 State MMBA News
9.1 Insurance Policy Almost Complete
9.1.1 New insurance will cover design, construction, and maintenance.
9.1.2 No teeter-totters under new insurance
9.1.3 Teeter-totters were removed from Cannonsburg
9.1.4 New insurance now covers alcohol at events.
9.1.5 Cross Country races now covered
9.1.6 New carrier will be RJF insurance, which is the same insurance company Trek uses.
9.2 MMBA is looking to hire a lobbiest
9.3 Call for Reginal Trail Coordinators
9.3.1 Contact Nate Phelps for more information
9.4 Horse Bill
9.4.1 This bill would allow horse use on almost all Mountain Biking Trails
9.4.2 Contact Rick Plite or Nate Phelps for a letter to send in opposing this bill.
9.4.3 This is one of the main reasons that the State MMBA has decided to hire a lobbyist
9.5 State Annual Meeting
9.5.1 January 31st, 2009 @ MSU Pavilion in Lansing, MI
9.5.2 Starts at 10am
9.5.3 Silent Auction, indoor riding
9.5.4 Open to the general Public (free event)
10.0 Closing
10.1 Reinstate mass email reminders for events
10.2 Overview of volunteer hours to date
10.3 Bike Stock 2010 will be sometime in July 2010

Meeting ended: 8:00 p.m.

These minutes to be posted at: Western Mmba on Facebook and western@mmba.org (blogger.com).

Previous months' minutes can be requested from: jason@jasonschwab.com

Holiday Ride, December 13th, 1:00 P.M.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Time for the Western Chapter Michigan Mountain Bike Association's "Holiday Ride". Set your sled (Bike) to be at Founders Brewing Parking lot this Sunday December 13th, 1:00 pm. We'll ride around greater downtown Grand Rapids and visit various public houses of Joy and "Spirits" until around 3:00 pm or whenever we find our way back to Founders. All bikes and rider skills are welcome as we share the sprit of the season. See you Sunday! Martin