Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cannonsburg Ski Area opening info

April 16th 2010 is a friday and on that day Cannonsburg will open the hills for everyone... bikers and hikers alike
2010 Rules for the Ski Area
-They can't have any bikers riding towards the triple (west). There are a few old trails going that way, it is not acceptable for anyone to use them. This is very important.
-No one should ever come on to Cannonsburgs' property from Egypt Valley or 5 mile (new trail on 5 mile)... again those trails are closed.
-The only bridge used by bikers and hikers should be the middle bridge.
-They are experiencing the beginning of costly and time consuming erosion on the "double" and the "face" ski hill. No bikers on the ski hills ever... this includes traversing across them. (approved course layouts may be acceptable for events).
-There is a change in the car parking this season. Bikers and hikers are allowed to park anywhere east of the middle bridge on the pavement. There is no need to park off to the side anymore since no bikers or hikers are allowed to cross the maintenance bridge.
-Opening day will always be subject to the weather but closing day will always be the first Sunday in November-(Nov. 7th 2010). This closing day is for all people except for Cannonsburg employees.
-Even though it may sound like they don't want bikers here, that is not the case. They think that it is important to have the community out here enjoying Cannonsburg in the winter and in the summer. It is the success of the western chapter of the MMBA that brings the large number of bikers here. With bigger numbers comes bigger problems... we just have to stay on top of those problems so Cannonsburg can continue to offer top notch biking.