Friday, October 9, 2009

Meeting Minutes - October 2009

Western Michigan Mountain Biking Association - Meeting Minutes

Location: Mangiamo Restaurant - 2nd Floor, Lake St. Grand Rapids, MI

Board Members Present: Rick Plite - President, Jason Dew-Vice President, Martin Hall - Treasurer, Jennifer Bechtel-Secretary, Nate Phelps-State Representative, Dennis Murphy-State CPS coordinator.

Members Present: Jason Bechtel

Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
0.0 Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m. - Rick Plite

1.0 Minutes review w/updates - Rick Plite
1.1. Brown County Indiana camping trip October 23 - 25th.
1.1.1. We have a large Group Camping Spot so anyone who wants to attend can show up and pitch a tent with the group. If you would like to carpool, please contact Rick at:
1.2. NCT Ride is this coming weekend (October 9th,10th,11th). There are two double-rooms available. Contact Martin Hall at:
1.3. Halloween Party - no party this year
1.4. Meetings - still seeing low attendance. Discussed sending email reminders and reminding Jason S. to update Twitter/Facebook links
1.5. Motion to approve the minutes by Nate Phelps. Motion seconded by Martin Hall. Motion carried.

2.0 Film Festival Update - Nate Phelps
2.1 Planning this for mid-February at Wealthy Theatre.
2.2 Side note: the movie "Race Across the Sky" will play one night only (10/22) at Celebrations theatre in Grandville (Rivertown Crossings)

3.0 State Games Committee Members - Rick Plite
3.1 Scott Chambers, Wade Bagnell, Reid Arnot, Christian Glupker, and Dave Staublin
3.2 State Games scheduled to happen June 25th - 27th, 2010 with an opening ceremony Friday night in downtown Grand Rapids.

4.0 Trail Coordinators/Updates - Rick Plite
4.1 Game Area closed
4.2 Ski area closes November 7th
4.3 Luton Park - it has been noticed cars are parking on Kies street instead of in the parking area and that people are drinking at their cars even though it is posted No Alcohol. We do not know if these are MMBA members, but everyone please remember to keep this trail a safe and family-friendly environment.
4.4 Bass Trailhead - Tom Landry and crew had a trail day this fall and worked on filling low areas.
4.5 Allegan - had a good turnout for the Trail day this past weekend. Still needs some work but thank you to those who helped.
4.6 Ionia - the Trail Coordinator has been sidelined with various events/issues this summer.

5.0 Treasury Report - Martin Hall

6.0 State Rep Update - Nate Phelps
6.1 Pleased to announce that WMMBA member Dennis Murphy is the new CPS Coordinator and Heather Kubiak is also a member of the CPS Committee (also a MMBA board member).
6.2 Annual Meeting
6.2.1 Looking at MSU Pavilian for the last weekend in January
6.2.2 Possible two day event with the first day (30th) being for classes, retailer presentations, trail schools, etc
6.2.3 Separate speaking rooms for presenters
6.3 Insurance review occurring
6.3.1 May cause Trail Day moratorium until insurance is secured. Please check with Nate before scheduling a trail day.
6.4 Strategic Planning Session will be occurring at the State level, led by WMMBA member and board member Martin Hall (note that the WMMBA will resume its Strategic Planning meetings with the winter season).

7.1 We are looking for a Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President for the 2010 year.
7.2 Nomination period will be October 19th - 26th and voting will be via SurveyMonkey from November 1st to the 15th. Winners will be announced at the December 7th meeting.

8.0 Local Government Updates
8.1 Aaron Smith and Nate Phelps will go to the October 6th City Commission meeting for final approval of the bike park. Looks hopeful. If yes, we can schedule the first two weeks in November for Jason Wells to be building trails.
8.2 The Bike Friendly Community (BFC) results are due soon. The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition (GGRBC) were hoping for a bronze level for Grand Rapids.
8.3 On a related note to the BFC, Nate Phelps would like Aaron Smith to be the WMMBA Chapter Representative to the GGRBC. Motion made by Martin Hall, Rick Plite seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting ended: 7:45 p.m.

NEXT MEETING IS: DECEMBER 7th at Mangiamos (upstairs) at 6:30 p.m.

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Previous months' minutes can be requested from:

If you received these minutes via email, it is because you signed in at a previous general or committee meeting and gave us this information. If you wish to be removed from the list, please reply to this email with the message "Remove me from WMMBA Minutes notification."

Side note: Something not mentioned at the meeting but should have been:
The 2010 Yankee Springs Time Trial Committee is forming now! The first meeting is on October 21st at the Uccellos in Caledonia (8526 Broadmoor Ave SE) at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested please notify Dennis Murphy at 616-394-2218 or email him at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grand Rapids Bike Park


This past Tuesday night the city of Grand Rapids Commission unanimously approved our project.
We have a bike park.

A work schedule is being developed as we hope to finish phase 1 in November.