Thursday, May 21, 2009

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2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Summit

Midwest MTB Summit
The 2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Summit that will take place on May 29-31, 2009 at the Cannonsburg Ski Area near Grand Rapids, MI. The three-day Summit will provide educational and networking opportunities to over three hundred mountain bicyclists, trail builders and advocates from across the Midwest.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cannonburg Game Area Trail Day follow up

Cannonsburg State Game Area
Today a team of Volunteers embarked on the first Organized Trail Day of 2009 at the Game Area. The focus today was reclaiming the overgrown main trail head parking lot on 4 mile road. Trimming, Tilling and Tamping reclaimed approximately 30 feet of width to the back half of the parking area. The idea is to promote parking in three rows vs two in order to allow more vehicle parking in the parking lot relieving the parking out on 4 Mile Road a long time complaint of the local residence. So try parking as far to the left and right as possible and in the center next time your out for a ride. A special Thanks goes out to Johnny Carinos Italian Restaurant at Knapps Corner for donating a great lunch. Thanks Mike!
Cannonsburg State Game Area
Today a team of 13 eager Trail Crew Volunteers completed the second planned Trail Day of the season at the Game Area. I must say we knocked one out of the park at the game area today! The Crew completed the long awaited trail reroutes flagged and approve last year. These sections are in the 3rd section of trail before the parking lot at 3 mile road. Work included reroutes around two severely eroded fall line trail and sand pits. Reclaiming of the old ruts and trail was also completed making the old trail almost disappear. Great work team, awesome job! Thanks you.
Thanks to BC Pizza Belmont for a great discount on Pizza and Salad. And a Hugh THANK YOU goes out to Nader Atallah at Home Run Deli and Liquor on Post Dr. (just West of the Exit off 131N.) Amazing Sandwiches, Greek Pasta Salads, Wings, Meatballs, Jerky and Sweets (all kinds of stuff) plus a Great Deal on Founders 6 packs - $7.99!!! Check them out before or after a ride.
Stay Tuned for Details on the June 20th Trail Day.