Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Workdays: Owassipe 8/16, Robinette's 8/22, Luton 8/23

This trail day will begin at 10am and last until at least 6. Some of you have worked with us before and so the drill is pretty much the same. Here's what we'll need to do; General trail maintenance and cleanup. The Scouts usually leave quite a mess just because they don't mind climbing over fallen trees. There will be several crews established for different jobs. This will be assigned during the pre-work meeting at the trailhead. New Trail:Some of the bigger jobs may include routing a new trail to replace the part of the Blue that crosses Camp Gerber property. This was in the fine print of the new terms that Matt V had to agree to. We just didn't need to worry about it when the trails were last open prior to Scout Camp.Ranger Al's Special Needs Crew: A very positive benefit for all trail users is keeping Al happy. This crew will be doing this most important job. Usually it's small jobs around camp. New Sign Crew: There will be at least one new sign at the trailhead parking area. Jim Samlow is building it currently and this will need painting for a shiny, new look. This will be the main bulletin board to be used for all trail users. It will be vastly more informative and useful than the old one. It will facilitate the new waiver system that is mandatory. There will also be new signage out on the trail. All these new signs were paid for through a donation by the W.MI Coast Riders Bike Club. Recommended Work Accessories: Bring your bike if you can. Be dressed more for a work day than a riding day. Bring any handy work tools. Small and/or folding saws, gloves, any small container for carrying paint and a small brush please. Trail crews will be asked to remark the blue or red trails as needed. I have the paint. A leaf or garden rake and hand clippers is a good idea, too. Basically, you all know what a clean trail looks like. Just consider this and bring what you've got. Also, please bring your own food and drink. the lunch budget was reallocated into the sign budget!Your Reward: Besides a making a great trail even better, you will be credited with half off the annual $60 pass. The new trail use terms have extended our riding and hiking season. This makes it a better deal than the old days. Please call or email with any questions! Happy Trails, Bryan Myers cell:231-557-3396

Robinettes: 8/22/09 9:00 am, trim trail and open new section!
Luton Park: 8/23/09 9:00 am, rake, bench cut and trim open 3 mile black loop