Monday, June 8, 2009

Owasippe CLOSED June 8, 2009

Owasippe CLOSED June 8, 2009

Bryan Myers has had communications from the rangers at Owassippe- Al and Larry
From Bryan: The trails are closed as of sundown tonight for the scout camp.
There has also been illegal trail pirating during the recent closure. This type of defiant behavior will definitely close the door to Owasippe for all! Under the new conditions, we are on a one year probation out there. This is private property. Trail use is a privilege.

After the scout camps are done for the season, there will be a new sign posted at the trail head with a new sign-in procedure so that all riders are accounted for. Please remember that Al and Larry want us out there. They are on our side because bikers are excellent security camera's. Do not confront them in the same manner that someone did whoe drove a large red Dodge truck (license plate "BYU...") in March. The trails will be closed for good and Matt's hard work to re-open will be poisoned forever.


There will be a happy trail work day in Aug as soon as we get the green light. Crews will be setting up the new trail signs, courtesy of the West Michigan Coast Riders Bike Club. Please sign up in advance. Many of you are already on the list.