Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cannonsburg Ski Area requests

I recently met with the Ski Area management they have a requested a few changes in regards to riding on their property. They have asked me to post them up here.
#1 Please enter and exit the Ski Area property via the bridge located near the main lodge. The bridge near the maintenance building is now closed to foot or bike traffic. A couple reasons for this, the machinery in this area is dangerous and they use this bridge for vehicle traffic. They have had a few close calls with riders bombing over the bridge and nearly having head on collisions.
#2 Due to erosion, please don't ride up and down the ski slopes. Stay on designated bike trails only.
#3 Also due to erosion, the red gated entry off Egypt Valley Road is now closed to bike traffic. Please enter the property at the main driveway on Cannonsburg Road.
#4 Do not ride during the evening of Picnic Pops (5pm-11pm) every Thursday and Friday during July
They will be posting signs with all the changes and moving the Trail Head Sign to a more prominent location. I know habits are hard to break but these rules come at the request of the Ski Area and we are their guests. This is private property after all. Please spread the word so we can continue to enjoy the trails!