Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 3rd Chapter Meeting Recap

The meeting on January 3rd was a huge success. Twenty six people showed up for the meeting and the Biomechanics Clinic put on by Health Motion. Because of the turnout we will try and put on more information chapter meetings like this in the future. For those of you that were not able to attend here is a brief summary of what we talked about at the chapter meeting.

Election Results – New western MMBA officers were elected in November.

  • Martin Hall – Chapter President
  • Kevin Allen – Vice President
  • Dave Staublin – Treasurer
  • Jason Schwab – Secretary

2010 Recap – Some of the notable events from 2010 included

  • Urban Bike Park @Plaster Creek Opened up! Thanks to all who helped with this project
  • Yankee Springs time trial in April
  • Nate Phelps and City of Grand Rapids recognized @ IMBA world summit because of our commitment to Mountain Biking
  • State Games of Michigan in June
  • 2 successful “Missery Loves Company” group rides organized by martin Hall
  • 2 Nationally published articles in Ourdoor Magazine and Bike Magazine about the awesome mountain biking in Grand Rapids!!!
  • Grant Money from Macatawa Cycling Club (MCC) for work on Bass River & Saugatuck trails.
  • Chapter voted to become a subchapter of IMBA
  • 15% increase in chapter members!
  • Volunteer hours way up from last year!

2011 Agenda – Here are some of the projects were working on in 2011. Come to a chapter meeting to find out more about these project.

  • Formation of the Western MMBA Advisory Board
  • IMBA Chapter Program conversion
  • Work on the “Grand Loop”, which is a 40 mile loop in Grand Rapids. This will be the first time anywhere in the US that biking has been formally recognized as part of a city’s formal recreation plan.
  • Dedication to build 50 miles of new trail in the next 5 years! Lets get to work!
  • Continue working to get approval to develop Stanaback park in Kentwood. The Kentwood city council decided to table this idea for a while. We’ll continue to fight to get a park down there.

The Chapter meeting was followed by a Biomechanics presentation by Health Motion.