Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Cannonsburg Ski Area is closed until further notice

The Ski Area started logging some trees off the property this morning. About 40 trees have been sold on the east part of the property, right where the bike trails are. :( The trees were sold for cash, not ski runs, so this area should remain great for the bike trails going forward. They think it will take from a week to ten days to remove them so the trails are [b][u]temporarily closed[/u][/b]. We will ask the mountain biking community to lend a hand to return the trails to a good riding condition as fast as possible once they are done. With the Fun Promotions race coming up on June 11th and the State Games race on June 25, we will have our hands full. Hopefully clean up will only require removing small limbs, branches and leaves from the trail surface but I am sure some areas will need some soil repairs.