Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Late notice: Luton trail day 8-26-09, 6pm

Meet at the Luton Barn at 6pm tomorrow night (Wednesday 8-26-09) and we will try to get the Black Loop open. I have counted over 130 saplings to dig out of the trail tread and 1.5 miles of the loop still needs to be raked. Need to run a string trimmer in a few areas as well. We have 9 Pulaski's or weed wrenches to dig saplings out, a string trimmer and 7-8 hard rakes available. With a good turnout I bet we could open it for riding. With the game area closure just around the corner and this park remaining open during hunting season it sure would be nice to have this loop rideable. Hate to have it sit all winter. Let me know if you can help so I can get a head count for tools.