Saturday, August 29, 2009

Luton Park....Black Loop

The new Black Loop is open for riding at Luton Park. The 2.7 mile trail is similar to the Red Loop. It is all signed and arrowed and you will find the entrance on your right just after the first bridge (if you are starting at the barn). It will wind and loop all over the northeast corner of the property, cross the Blue Trail once and dump you out right near the same bridge. We have one large log pile option to create and quite a few bench cuts to put in but it is all ride able, enjoy! With all the loops complete, the trail system now totals 9.3 miles. The largest mountain bike trail system in Kent County.

Please remember to let the trails at Luton Park dry for at least two days after it rains. Currently (8-29-09) the Blue Loop and portions of the Yellow and Orange have large muddy sections that are growing by the day as people tend to try riding around them. If you encounter mud puddles it is best to ride straight through them so the trail will not get wider.